How to get Pregnant with a Boy

These days, there are several tips that you can pay attention to if you want to learn how to have pregnant with the boy. While the most practical, high-tech alchemy occurs in the lab, there are low-tech approaches that you can apply. One thing you must have in mind is that your body works in a highly specialized manner. This also applies when you are making attempts to conceive, and he is a boy child. Since several factors are involved in the baby-making process, it is not simple in that becoming pregnant with a male child is more complicated.

However, if you utilize the following tips, you will get pregnant with ease and fast with a boy.

Ovulation and XY Chromosomes
In general, the sex of a child is determined by chromosomes. The male’s Y chromosome must be paired with the female’s X chromosome for a male child to be conceived. A girl is born when two X chromosomes meet. Calculating the ovulation time is the easiest method. While the sperms carrying the Y chromosome swim faster than the sperms carrying the X chromosome, they burn off very fast so they can’t survive by themselves.

If an egg is ready, these faster swimmers lead to conception because they can penetrate that egg. However, if ovulation has not yet taken places and there is no single egg, the sperms carrying the Y chromosome cannot survive. So the woman must know when she is ovulating. Ensure that you have sexual intercourse the same day or the following day. You can also increase the chances of getting a boy by abstaining from sex intercourse 2-3 day before ovulation. This will ensure that the sperms that will be released will be the healthiest.

Method of Intercours How to have pregnant with the boy’ is a question can be answered by learning about certain sexual positions and penetration techniques. Firstly, the penetration has to be deep. This will ensure that sperms are deposited as close to the egg as possible. This way, since the Y chromosomes swim faster, they will reach the target.

This is because the sperms are released closer to the woman’s uterus. They will have better chances of winning since they will travel very short distance. The rear-entry method in which the woman lies on the stomach while using a pillow to raise the pelvis is a method that leads to deep penetration. You may also introduce some variation to the ordinary missionary style. The woman places her knees on her partner’s shoulders or hugs her knees. This also ensures that you have deep penetration.

Reduce acidic conditions
A woman’s vaginal environment is highly acidic. Considering that male sperms are naturally weak, they are easily destroyed by this acidic environment. Therefore, the PH level and the acidic content of the vagina area should be tested using PH strips. You must apply several methods if you discover that it is highly acidic.

This is because it has to be lowered if you want the sperms to live longer. Start by changing your diet in that you need to avoid things that are acidic. The other method is douching, and this refers to cleansing the area using water to help lower the acidic level. However, it is advisable for you to consult a certified doctor before utilizing this method.

Briefs or Boxers?
There is a valid reason for sperms being stored ‘outside’ a man’s body. The reason is that they can tolerate excessive heat. The independent structure, pregnancy miracle method review , of the testicles and surface area ensures that the sperms are not affected by the core temperatures elevated inside the body.

According to scientific studies Y chromosome sperms usually have less tolerance for heat compared to X chromosome sperms. This means that if a couple’s concern is how you can have pregnant with a boy, the male partner should wear boxers instead of the briefs for a while. The aim is to ensure things cool so that the “boys” will have some breathing room.

The main advantage of the methods of ‘how you can have pregnant with a boy’ discussed here is that they are easy solutions. This is because they are accessible, easy to apply and no medical help is required. A few doctors, some astrologists, and parents can swear by these tricks so consider them instead of leaving it to fifty-fifty chance.