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Jamorama-Review-BannerTo be honest, when I first learned to play the guitar I never took a course or something of that sort, everything was self-taught, seeking information on internet and practicing hours, I found many pages that showed you the chords or tabs from various songs.

I started looking for pure Radiohead songs since I was a fan of music in those days, so I was learning, browsing and finding online guitar courses with all sorts of information; however I never got a course that had everything I needed.

Also remember that in those times the online guitar courses were quite expensive and on top of that some of these courses were incomplete or poorly formulated, then I bumped into  a course like Jamorama guitar lessons. This course is amazing guitar training with all the advantages and bonuses offered and at an incredible price.

“With your method I’ve progressed a lot, especially with the theme of chords. I’ve learned not only as it is the position of each chord, but that also have learned the rhythm of strumming, which is more important for my. What I like about the course are Jam Mercè Knight tracks. Spain.”

Jamorama has theoretical lessons divided into 4 books in PDF format. It includes an infinite number of chords and positions; 148 high quality video lessons; 26 tracks of Jam from different musical genres and approximately 55 rhythmic patterns.

Book #1 – Jamorama Beginner Guitar Lessons

  • Learn basics such as the parts of the guitar and how to put yourself in position.
  • Begin to read tablature – with this method you will be able to play any song.
  • Discover the theory of diagrams of chord – something of musical theory.
  • What is ¾ and 4/4 time? -It begins to distinguish time in every song you hear.
  • Learn all the notes on the guitar arm.
  • Major, minor, seventh and suspended chords
  • Discover some scales and much more with the supplementary reference of chords.
  • Here you can learn the basics such as Taps
  • Bending
  • Strumming and plucking with fingers
  • Hammers-On
  • Vibratos
  • Arpeggios
  • Different rhythmic patterns of chords and strumming.
  • And you can get much more by getting Jamorama login details.

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Introduction – the guitar and putting themselves in a position


Lesson 1 – Introduction to chords, chords diagrams of the and Re,


Lesson 2 – introduction to the guitar tablature, jam No.1 track

Lesson 3 – notes in the key of Sun, 4/4 time indication, notes in the

1st string, notes on the second string, track jam No.2

Lesson 4 – chord of my major, repeat sign, track jam No.3, notes

on the 3rd string

Lesson 5 – chord of g major chord of c major, jam 4 track, notes in

the rope 4th jam No.5 track

Lesson 6 – chord of a minor, round progression, jam 6 track, track

Jam No.7, notes on the fifth string

Lesson 7 – 8 notes, chord of FA Mayor scale rhythmic patterns


Lesson 8 – chords of dominant, La7, ke7 chord chord, chord 7th Mi7, track

Jam No. 8.

Lesson 9 – symbol of silent coup, No.9 jam track, notes in the sixth

rope, Jam track No. 10

Lesson 10 – chord of Sol7, Do7, rhythms of two chord bars

Lesson 11 – chord of Si7, blues in my major, Jam track No. 11

Lesson 12 – notes on the staff: first place, stitch finger with notes


Lesson 13 – indication of ¾, No.12 jam track metrics, low notes

with finger in ¾, Jam track, No.13

Lesson 14 – suspended chords, chord LAsus4, REsus4 chord,

chord MIsus4, Jam track No. 14, scales, larger scale, scale of

Do more, track Jam No.15

Lesson 15 – chord LAsus2, REsus2, Jam track No. 16 chord.

Additional chord reference

Book #2 – Advanced

  • Here you learn to play different rhythmic patterns, see the note types and the different types of strumming.jamorama-training
  • Tones and scales
  • Breaks and music silence – more music theory
  • Concepts on progressions of chords and some patterns to play Blues.
  • Different techniques such as the mute with Palm, apanamiento and more.
  • Discover and play the power chords and many more with additional reference of chords chords.


Lesson 1 – chord d minor, links with the bass notes

Lesson 2 – chords of major seventh, Fa 7th, Do 7Mayor, rhythmic patterns with

sixteenth notes

Lesson 3 – the 7th, Re 7th, Sun 7th largest, chromatic notes – first


Lesson 4 – If chord minor, rhythm in triplets

Lesson 5 – line’s sixth largest, La6 chord, chord of Mi6, the largest scale

Lesson 6 – chord f chord with cejillo, cejillo, f chord with tonic on the 6th

Lesson 7 – percussive strum

Lesson 8 – under with cejillo and tonic 6th chords

Lesson 9 – tones and scales

Lesson 10 – chord of f dominant 7th (tonic 6th), breaks and musical silence

Lesson 11 – Apanamiento, silence of black within a strum

Lesson 12 – major chords with cejillo and tonic on the 5th string, staccato strumming

Lesson 13 – concepts on progressions of chords, blues 1 pattern, pattern of

Blues 2

Lesson 14 – chord lower with cejillo and tonic in the 5th, 12 blues pattern bars No.3

jamorama bass guitar

Lesson 15 – technical of with the Palm muting

Lesson 16 – advanced rhythmic techniques

Lesson 17 – chord of dominant seventh with cejillo and tonic in the 5th, blues in d

Lesson 18 – Reggae strum

Lesson 19 – smaller scale

Lesson 20 – chord seventh chord Fam7, Sibm7 chord

Lesson 21 – chords chord Sib6 more with cejillo, chord of Fa6, 6th

Lesson 22 – chords of fifth (Power chords), Fa power chord, BB power chord

Lesson 23 – accents, composite metric

Lesson 24 – chord with cejillo in the form of Do

Lesson 25 – suspended chords with cejillo, Sibsus2, Sibsus4

Lesson 26 – chords of major seventh with cejillo and tonic in the 5th and 6th string…

Additional chord reference

Book #3 – advanced techniques of learning guitar

This is a great source to learn advanced guitar techniques when you want to create a routine of trial; it will help you to get answers of  frequently asked questions such as:

What is guitar learning?

What are the technique?

How to learn guitar easily?

jamorama beginner to intermediate course

Book #4 – Tune your guitar

The book  explains vital things such as how to change a string to different methods for tuning your guitar. –This is by far the most important book that you can get, before touching a chord is to tune your guitar.

  • With Jamorama online guitar training, you will also learn;
  • Tuning electric and acoustic guitars
  • Tune 6 and 12 string guitars
  • Tune your guitar without a tuner digital – indispensable for any guitarist
  • Get the “perfect pitch” on your guitar using harmonics
  • Effectively use a guitar tuner
  • Your guitar never will be out of tone…

It also contains more than 216 positions of chords, 148 lessons recorded in video of great quality, 55 patterns to learn to play, Rock, Blues, Metal and other genres. And also includes 26 tracks of Jam, can you imagine playing in a band together with other musicians? These tracks give you the opportunity to live that experience.

jamorama join

148 video lessons

These videos have great picture and sound quality. They will be very helpful since you will be able to see exactly how each exercise, note, progression and implementation of chords; see the videos many times you required; don’t have anyone opposite who get tired of repeating the exercises.

List of Videos




1♪ Chord the largest

2♪ the largest

3♪D major chord

4♪ strumming A & D

5♪ plucking notes first rope

6♪ plucking notes second rope

7♪ chord e major

8♪ progression chords A, D, E

9♪ plucking notes third rope

10♪ G major chord

11♪ C major chord

12♪ progression D, A, C, & G

13♪ plucking notes fourth string

14♪ comparison A-Am

15♪ strum the minor

16♪ my minor chord

17♪ cyclic progression 1

18♪ 2 cyclic progression

19♪ plucking notes fifth string

20♪F major chord

21♪ F, C & G progression

22♪ A7 chord

23♪ Chord  La7 (form 2)

24♪ & A7 chord progression

25♪ Chord  ke7

26♪ progression D & D7

27♪ Chord Mi7


28♪ Chord Mi7 (form 2)

29♪ progression E & E7

30♪ progression of chords

31♪ progression 7th chords (A)

32♪ 7th chords (B) progression

33♪ progression A, C, G & E7

34♪ silent strum

35♪ plucking notes sixth string

36♪ Chord Sol7

37♪ chord D07

38♪ rhythms of two bars (A)

39♪ rhythms of two bars (B)

40♪ rhythms of two bars (C)

41♪  Chord Si7

42♪ progression Blues in E major

43♪ notes in first position

44♪ by pressing the bass notes

45♪ 3/4 time

46♪ bass notes in 3/4

47♪  Chord Lasus4

48♪ Chord Resus4

49♪  Chord Misus4

50♪ progression using sus4

51♪ c major scale

52♪ Chord Lasus2

53♪ Chord Resus2

54♪ progression sus2 & sus4


Jamorama Videos in BOOK 2


1♪ chord d minor

2♪ progression Am, Dm, G & C

3♪ links to low notes

4♪ Fa major seventh chord

5♪ C major seventh chord

6♪ progression of major seventh

7♪ patterns of 16ths of note

8♪ progression of chords 16ths

9♪  Chord Lamaj7

10♪  Chord Remaj7

11♪  Chord Solmaj7

12♪ progression with major seventh

13♪ colour/1st position notes

14♪ chord if less

15♪ progression in Bm

16♪ with triplet Quavers

17♪ progression using couch


18♪ La6 chord

19♪ According Mi6

20♪ progression 6th/7th

21♪ The larger scale

22♪ f major with Cejillo

23♪ accordance with Cejillo progression

24♪ strum percussive with Cejillo

25♪ strum percussive A. open

26♪ progression percussive strum

27♪ Prog. 2 percussive strumming

28♪ Fam with Cejillo and tonic 6th

29♪ Prog. child & elderly Cej.

30♪ Prog. child & elderly Cej.

31♪ the largest scale

32♪ d major scale

33♪ Scale of g major

34♪ e major scale

35♪ Fa7 chord tonic 6 cejillo

36♪ 6 tonic Fa7 cejillo (alt.)

37♪ progression with Fa7

38♪ Palm Apanamiento open.

39♪ Apanamiento of Palm (Cejillo)

40♪ eighth note rests

41♪ Prog. with eighth note rests

42♪ A. May. with Cejillo and tonic 5th

43♪ Staccato strumming

44♪ progression Staccato strumming

45♪ Blues pattern 1/a. of cej. 6th

46♪ Blues pattern 2/Cej. 5th and 6th

47♪ Sibm (tonic 5th)

48♪ Prog. Tonic minor 5th

49♪ Staccato, pause & 16ths

50♪ pattern of 3 Blues (ton. 5 & 6)

51♪ Palm Muting according the

52♪ pulse and mute. with Palm

53♪ advanced rhythmic techniques

54♪ 2 Advanced rhythmic techniques

55♪ advanced rhythmic techniques 3

56♪ Prog. with strumming eg. previous

57♪ Prog. with strumming eg. previous

58♪ Prog. with strumming eg. previous

59♪ Sib7 (pattern 5) form 1

60♪ Sib7 (pattern 5) Form 2

61♪ Blues in d

62♪ strum Reggae (Am)

63♪ progression Reggae strum

64♪ the largest scale

65♪ a minor scale

66♪ Fam7 (6 tonic)

67♪ Bbm 7 (pattern 5)

68♪ Prog. Chord minor 7th

69♪ 6 Fa (6 tonic)

70♪ 6 Sib (pattern 5)

71♪ Prog. Line 6 more

72♪ Fa Power Chord

73♪ BB Power Chord

74♪ Prog. using Power Chords

75♪ Prog. 6/8 using accents

76♪ Do # Cejillo way to Do

77♪ Prog. Do # with Cejillo

78♪ BB sus2 tonic 5

79♪ BB sus4 tonic 5

80♪ Fa sus4 tonic 6

81♪ Prog. with sus4 chords

82♪ Prog. Sus2 & sus4 chords

83♪ Fa tonic 7M 6

84♪ Sib tonic 7M 5

85♪ Prog. Major 7th chordsjamorama-guitar

86♪  Chord Fa9

87♪  Chord Si9

88♪ Prog. using 9th chords

89♪ other prog. using 9th chords

90♪ chord diminished 7th

91♪ Prog. using diminished 7th

92♪ other Prog. using diminished 7th

93♪ Aaug chord

94♪ Prog. with an increased chord

26 audio tracks

Calls Jam tracks to play with the band Jamorama. There will be “exam at the end after each chapter”. To make sure that you learn each lesson chords well? and you put attention on changes and progressions? Let’s run this knowledge along with a band playing different rhythms of Rock, Pop, Country, Blues, Reggae and Jazz.

  • Bonus 1, GuitarHit, game entertainment: it’s an auditory game of high level and quality, with which you can train your ear to make transcriptions with only listening to a song, can you imagine learning how playing a song just to listen to it? with this bonus in just two weeks, you’ll be able to do this.
  • Bonus 2, Jayde Múscia Pro, training for reading: with this software you can train the reading on the staff andjamorama testimonials you’ll be able to memorize you notes in photographic form and without much effort.
  • Bonus 3, Guitar Tuner Pro, Software to tune the guitar: the course, as well as teach you how to tune a guitar gives you this software, with which the correct tuning will be a task for other simple, which software or tuning device has a minimum cost of $ 20.00, and that those of medium quality to low, here you will get this gift , with great quality and paying even less!
  • Bonus 4, metronome Jamorama, so always this time: this gift will quite serve as support for classes, with which you can improve your time, as well as the speed and control of the guitar.
  • Bonus 5, book of chords, more than 70 pages full of chords: perhaps you’ve already had the opportunity to try the Jamorama guitar chords book, now you can download as a gift so you will have it available at any time.