Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy diet should be the first and foremost priority for a p woman who is pregnant. What makes fetus healthy is determined by what you eat a diet rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and water is what you need to have a healthy pregnancy.

Your Diet During Pregnancy Should Contain


You need energy at this time, and carbs are the best source for it. You must take:


*Whole-grain bread




*Fresh fruits and vegetables


Proteins stimulate the growth of cells and formation of blood. You must take:


*Pulses and legumes

*Tofu, cottage cheese


You just can’t do without Iron! It prevents anemia and aids in red blood corpuscles (RBC) production. You must take:


*Iron-fortified cereals and whole grain bread




For healthy bones and teeth, proper functioning of nerves, and muscle contractions, calcium is a must. If you don’t take adequate amount of this mineral in your pregnancy diet, your baby will suck it from your body reserves, thus, rendering you vulnerable to osteoporosis. Hence, you must take:





Vitamin A

If you want good eyesight, glowing skin and healthy bones, include this vitamin in your diet. You must take:

*Dark green leafy vegetables


*Sweet potatoes


Vitamin B6 and B12

It’s no use taking protein, carbs, and fats if you’re deficient in Vitamin B6. because of this vitamin aids in the proper assimilation of these nutrients. Vitamin B6 and B12 help in RBC formation and proper functioning of nervous system. You must take:

*Whole grain cereals




Vitamin C

It’s essential for healthy teeth, gums, and bones. You must take:

*Citrus fruits



*Vitamin C fortified fruit juices

Vitamin D

This vitamin assists in the digestion of calcium. It helps to make your bones and teeth healthy. You must take:

*Exposure to adequate sunshine

*Fortified milk

*Milk products

*Whole grain bread


Folic Acid For Pregnancy

You should begin taking folic acid before pregnancy and progress until the first few months of pregnancy. Folic acid prevents congenital disabilities and neural tube defects in your baby, as described in lisa olson pregnancy miracle review. It aids in the production of enzymes as well as the manufacture of blood and protein. Even if you take folic acid in your pregnancy diet through natural sources, doctors advise to take it as a supplement as well. You must take:

*Dark yellow vegetables and fruits

*Green leafy vegetables




Your Pregnancy Diet Should NOT Contain

*raw eggs or some food that includes fresh eggs

*fish with high mercury content like swordfish, shark, tile fish, and king mackerel

*milk that has not pasteurized, cheese, juices, and apple cider

*raw or under cooked fish, meat, and processed meat




*Non-edible items such as clay. Some women have a craving for such stuff. This condition is called pica. However, eating such items can be dangerous for your baby. Consult your doctor to handle these urges.

For a healthy baby and normal pregnancy, overall health of the woman must be good. Though there are no ground rules for pre-pregnancy phase,

Here are a few pre-pregnancy tips that are easy to follow and practice:

Good Habits: An important pre-pregnancy advice is that you need to incorporate healthy habits like sleeping early, avoiding late nights. Smoking and drinking avoided if you want a healthy baby and problem free pregnancy. Avoid drinking too much tea, coffee as well as carbonated beverages.

Exercise: Lethargy should be prevented and start using steadily, you need not hit the gym instantly, but can indulge in walks and jogging.

Visit the Doctor: Good health is a requisite if you are planning a baby. Consult your doctor, he will do a thorough examination and will check different aspects like weight, hemoglobin level or any changes in medications depending on your medical history.

Vitamin pills and Folic Acid: Do not self-prescribe pills or medicines; let the doctor select the necessary medication for you. Folic acid dosage is 400 micro grams, but taking the doctor’s advice is better. If he feels you are suffering from any other deficiencies like calcium or iron, he will prescribe the necessary medicine. Do take your pills on time.

The above natural pre-pregnancy tips will certainly give you a better insight into pre-pregnancy care. If you are interested in knowing more pre-pregnancy tips, then check medical blogs, websites or just consult a gynecologist.

Pregnancy is a beautiful journey that is to be enjoyed and experienced by a woman and cannot capture in words. However, an expectant mother needs to take care during pregnancy to ensure her as well as baby’s good health. For centuries, there us a tradition that a mother passes on her pregnancy care tips to her daughter and they are useful since they come from an old mind.